My Relationship with Money

I don’t have a good relationship with money - I never have. Until this year, I’ve never really understood where my money was going. I pay my bills on time, but they always seem very separate, both literally and figuratively. I make a good living, but I always think about how much I am spending, and I’m always asking myself: why I can never get ahead, and why am I always feeling the pinch at the end of the month? The reality is, I know why I can’t get ahead: I don’t have a good relationship with money. Duh.

I don’t like talking about money. We rarely talked about money at home when I was a child. Although my parents did to the basics of showing me how to open a bank account and balance a checkbook, we never talked about it. Never. We were comfortable, I think, but I honestly had no idea about my family’s money situation growing up. 

In American society, Money is basically a taboo subject: “Shhhh. Don’t ask that person how much money they make.” “Ooohhhh, they declared bankruptcy. What is wrong with them?” “Nice girls don’t talk about money.” I never had a personal finance class in school (at any level). No one ever said to me: here’s what you need to know about how to live a comfortable life. I find myself in my 40s, wondering how I even got this far? Financial literacy?? What?

When I incorporated Healthy Body, Happy Life this year, I made myself a promise to tackle “Money” head-on. It’s partly about being a responsible business owner, partly about changing bad habits, and partly about self-care. Self-care for me means many things, but one major meaning for me is removing doubt and fear.

  • Removing fear means: not letting external things that I can control, control me.
  • Not letting things control me means: not being afraid of money, not burying my head in the sand about money issues, talking about money with people, and taking charge of my life.
  • Taking charge of my life ultimately means: taking charge of my money.

So, stay tuned for more about finances, financial literacy, and financial wellness at Healthy Body, Healthy Life. It will be #financeFriday every Friday on my social media channels. Please head over to my Facebook page to see what is happening today, and tell me:

What’s your financial story?