Healthy Lives Book Group

I had some down time the other day while I was at the DMV, so I decided to start a book club. You know, like you do. 

I’ve been reading an advance copy of Danielle LaPorte’s new book White Hot Truths, and I’m dying to discuss it with people.  I’ve been messaging my friend Trina because I know she is also reading it, but I think she was probably about done with my text messages at the end of each chapter: “Did you reach chapter xx? Wasn’t it great? I felt like Danielle was reading my mind again!!! You gotta read it!” [Get a grip, Eva!]

White Hot Truths is fascinating, and I wanna talk about it!! Come join me!

White Hot Truths is fascinating, and I wanna talk about it!! Come join me!

I’ve never been a “book club person”. I like to read my books (mostly fiction) and enjoy them, and not analyze them to death. I’m the person that is constantly asking: “What if the flower is blue because the author liked the color?” Because there *IS* such a thing as too much dissection.

I’ve been reading more self- and professional-development books lately, and I realize that these kinds of books are things that I would actually like to talk to other people about. I have a lot of friends that I chat with on Facebook about these books and the related topics, but we all live in different places and it’s hard to catch up. *I* also really like my time at home… thus was born the Healthy Life Book Group!

The book comes out next week (5/16/2017) and you can buy it here. (This is my Amazon Affiliate link. I get a couple of cents. You get an awesome book.)

You can sign up for the FREE book group here. The system will require you to sign up for all the sessions so that you get a reminder. It’s okay if you can’t make it one week or other. 

We’ll start discussing White Hot Truths on June 1st at 7 PM Eastern via Zoom (online). A link to the meeting will be included in your reminder email. Once you sign up for the group you will receive an email with more information about future meetings and where you can go to get more information and start chatting.

I can't wait to get started!!!

Find Space

"Space, like time, engenders forgetfulness; but it does so by setting us bodily free from our surroundings and giving us back our primitive, unattached state."  --Thomas Mann, German novelist

I talk a lot about finding space in my yoga classes. Stretch to find space in your chest. Lengthen through your head and neck to find space in your back and spine. Finding space is one of the basic goals in our physical practice. Find space and things tend to migrate back to where they are supposed to be.

I've recently been working on finding space in my "emotional" practice. It's harder to do this without the physical cues, so I try to think about what is changing as I find space in my mind. Am I more focused today? Am I able to let worry go? Am I fixated on something in particular?  These are some of the questions I ask myself, and it seems to work really well. I don't always find the space I'm looking for, but at least I'm thinking about it and working on it. Maybe that's all that is necessary?

I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on how you find space. Please leave a note on the pinned post on my FB page, and let us know how you find physical, emotional, or intellectual space.